Risk management

In accordance with the Wellbeing Act dated 4 August 1996, all organisations are obliged to perform (or to have performed) risk identification and analysis to identify the risks associated with the organisation and to take the necessary precautions to minimise such risks and prevent them as much as possible.
As part of the risk identification and analysis process, your organisation will be examined on the basis of legal and possibly sector-based guidelines, both with regard to current wellbeing policy, activities and accommodation. A report is subsequently compiled, and a plan of approach is drawn up in joint liaison in order to resolve any (potential) problems noted. Henceforth, the action plan will be assessed and updated every year.
You can approach us about any aspects relating to risk identification and analysis. These processes can be offered as a combination or separately:

  • Performing complete risk identification and analysis
  • Compiling the risk identification and analysis report
  • A plan of approach (annual action programme / 5-year plan)
  • Evaluation of the report and/or plan of approach
  • Training courses
  • Safety experts or health & safety officers on detachment
  • Risk identification and analysis of machinery
  • Accident analyses and court surveys
  • Drawing up independent site descriptions/inventories as part of the handover of construction projects
  • Drawing up specifications as a result of construction damages
  • Measurement using calibrated equipment of, for example, the following air conditioning parameters: relative air humidity, air speed, level of turbulence, temperature, and CO2 level. In addition, we can also measure the light and sound intensity.
  • ...

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