Training courses

Over the years, we have bundled together all our expertise and know-how in the fields of quality, health & safety at work and living environment into various practically-minded training courses.

Based on this wealth of information and knowledge, we regularly run training and educational courses on various safety, wellbeing, health and environmental topics. In the course of these sessions, the students gain in-depth information which they can apply in practice. The aim of our courses is to involve all of your staff within your company in safety, wellbeing, health, and environmental issues and to increase awareness. The purpose is to prevent any accidents, incidents, injuries and work-related illnesses.

A few examples of various training courses which we can offer you:

  • Basic safety for the hierarchical echelons
  • Accident analysis – fact-tree
  • Temporary or mobile construction sites
  • Basic course in safety B-VCA
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 – How to implement this system?
  • Tuttava – order and tidiness
  • Basic safety for technicians
  • Site signage
  • Basic course in project management
  • ...

We also have a modern multi-media seminar and training room available (max. 16 people), equipped with:

  • Full HD 49'' plasmascherm
  • Computer-controlled LED ambient lighting
  • Fully equipped Hi-Fi equipment for optimum sound quality

Upon a simple request, we can organise seminars or training courses with the necessary refreshments.

We offer you the possibility of hiring our multi-media room for your company or club activities (more information available on