Detachment (in-sourcing)

If you yourself do not have sufficient expertise in these specialist areas or if you would like to expand your capacity (even temporarily), you can call upon us to provide you with the necessary support. We offer a team of highly experienced, competent, well trained and extremely versatile staff, who can operate in all areas requiring project management, health & safety, and quality assurance, and this in any sector of industry. The main advantage of having someone work for you on detachment is that you have the necessary expertise available to you at a time when you require it, and for as long as you require it.

We can make specialists available covering the following fields:

  • Health & safety officer level 1
  • Health & safety officer level 2
  • Safety Co-ordinator level A
  • Safety Co-ordinator level B
  • Quality manager ISO 9001
  • Health & safety officer hazardous goods ADR for all categories (except 1 and 7)
  • Facility manager
  • Machine safety expert
  • Construction team manager
  • Industrial safety lecturer
  • Specialist in safety management systems for health & safety, quality and environment
  • Security manage
  • Accident expert

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