Construction team management

Safecon Ltd can also act as construction team manager of the construction or core team for all your building projects. This involves following up the project from the design phase up to and including the handover as available SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) between you and the customer (project owner), the internal and external stakeholders, and all other executive parties (architect, research agency, (sub-)contractors, Safety Co-ordinator, etc.).

Safecon Ltd uses its very own in-house designed PMI*-based project roadmap, which sets out the various project management processes in detail:

  • You, as the customer, benefit from a high quality, structural and process-based approach, which means that you can actively guide the construction process.
  • Safecon Ltd will not only continuously monitor, but also guarantee the required quality, timing (deadline) and the available budget, via a system of process refinement and control.

The permanent follow-up, risk analysis, quality planning, clear communication and liaison between the key figures in the construction process, help to reduce failure costs and improve efficiency. Throughout the entire project, we will manage the following for you:

  • Management and supervision of the design process with careful attention to the later operational phase.
  • Management of the formal process in which project modifications are accepted, approved and implemented.
  • Periodic reporting on the status of the project: planning - budget – quality.
  • Collaboration between the various parties to avoid mutual risks.
  • Checking compliance with agreements (permanent protection of the project scope).

Our practical experience, in our capacity as construction team manager, includes a multitude of projects for public authorities to industrial building/building alterations projects:

  • Construction of apartment blocks - hospitals
  • Roadworks – parcellation – underground and above ground car parks
  • Industrial construction – office newbuild - technical structures (electricity HV/LV - petrochemicals, data and computer rooms) – clean rooms
  • Excavation works for utility services (gas, water, electricity, pipelines, etc.)
  • Experience in expansion works HVAC, facility management projects (e.g. internal/external moves, etc.)
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  • * Project Management Institute