Subsidies from regional authorities

The SME portfolio

What is the SME portfolio?

With effect from 1 January 2009, the SME portfolio replaces BEA, the Budget for Economic Advice. With this new electronic portfolio, entrepreneurs can receive support in the field of training, advice, technology reconnaissance, and international business advice.

Who is entitled to this subsidy?

SME's and the independent professions can make use of the aforementioned subsidy, providing they meet the following criteria:

  • The subsidy is for businesses (and associated staff) located in the Flemish Region.
  • A company from the private sector (administrative authority participation < 25%).
  • The company has an acceptable main activity.
  • The company must comply with the legislation in force in the Flemish Region.
  • The company has an acceptable legal status. Non-profit organisations are excluded.

Recognised service-providers can apply for support providing they are an eligible SME, and if they use the services of a third service-provider.

Request form

You can fill in the application form on the website You must apply for the subsidy at least 14 days from the date of receipt of the service. The procedure is fairly complex, but it will proceed smoothly providing you follow the step-by-step plan. Please feel free to contact us for any advice or assistance.

Subsidy amount

 TrainingAdviceTechnology reconnaissanceInternational trade adviceStrategic advice
Support %50 %50 %75 %50 %50 % 
Support limit per field€ 2.500€5.000€10.000€5.000€25.000
Maximum per period  €15.000 €25.000
Period  1 year  
 Support %Support limit per field
Training50%€ 2.50
Advice50%€ 5.00
Technology reconnaissance75%€ 10.00
International trade advice50%€ 5.00
Strategic advice50 %€ 25.00
 Maximum per periodPeriod
Technology reconnaissance€ 15.001 year
International trade advice  
Strategic advice€ 25.00 

Reimbursement by social funds combined with Walloon or Flemish training vouchers

Many joint industrial committees run their own training centres to provide additional training to white and blue collar workers who are members of this social fund. Employers pay (compulsory) a small percentage of the salary cost to these sector-based funds. This money is then used to subsidise training courses.
Each social fund has its own form of subsidies, terms and conditions, and procedures. In case of doubt, please contact your social fund.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional questions. You can always e-mail for additional information.